5 Steps to keep your Kids protected on the Internet?

5 Steps to keep your Kids protected on the Internet
5 Steps to keep your Kids protected on the Internet
5 Steps to keep your Kids protected on the Internet
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Parents want their kids to use the Internet, then they should properly understand the usage status and use filtering software or other methods. It is stipulated that the use of the Internet needs to be properly managed. It is possible not to subscribe to filtering services, but parents are always responsible for knowing their children’s Internet access in other ways. In that case, it is not a very realistic method to check your child’s smartphone directly each time, so it is recommended to subscribe to a filtering service. 

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a very vast network that connects all the computer devices all over the world. With the help of the internet people can communicate with each other and share media files from all over the world while accessing an Internet Connection.

How to keep your Kids protected on Internet

With the spread of Internet-connected devices such as smartphones, the Internet has become more and more familiar to our lives. Recently, kids also have their own smartphones dedicatedly for online lectures and often use it for e-mail, research, games, and so on. On the other hand, there are many cases where people are involved in crimes and troubles by accessing harmful information sites. 

For children to use the Internet safely and with peace of mind without getting involved in such troubles, it is important for parents to watch over their kids while understanding their characteristics and various risks. Here are some points for that.

1. Use parental control to grasp the usage status of your child’s smartphone etc.

Parental control is a mechanism that allows parents to grasp the usage status of children’s smartphones and manage safety, and services are provided by OS operators and application developers. For example, when a child plays a game on a smartphone, etc., the parent’s smartphone can be used to check the child’s daily play status, adjust the length and time of play, and limit billing. Let’s make good use of it according to the usage situation of the child.

2. Use filtering wisely to prevent inappropriate information and dangerous encounters.

When children use smartphones, etc., use “filtering” to restrict access to harmful information. This is a convenient function that controls you from accidentally or intentionally accessing dangerous sites. This prevents children from browsing dating sites, adult sites, and sites with violent expressions.

In addition, mobile phone companies explain and set filtering services when children under the age of 18 use smartphones. You can set the level according to the age and usage of the child, and you can also set the site you want to use sensitive information such as, Passwords, Credit Card Details, or any other PII (Personal Identification Information) such as SSN, etc. individually, so use it well to protect your child’s safety.

3. Let’s make family rules with children and revise them little by little as they grow up.

What you shouldn’t do in the real world shouldn’t be done on the Internet. Let’s make home rules so that children can use the Internet well on smartphones. It is important to decide the rules by discussing the purpose of use, the place of use, and the time zone with the child, rather than unilaterally imposing the rules. In addition, the rules need to be revised little by little as they grow.

Then, get in the habit of following the rules and manners.
Occasionally discuss with your child about the usage status of smartphones, etc., and check if there are any problems. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, talk to your child about it so that they don’t hold it alone and talk to their parents right away.

4. Filtering is also a useful security measure for Adults.

Even for adults who seem to have sufficient judgment, the damage to their Online Privacy caused by fraudulent sites and the leakage of personal information due to malicious apps are increasing year by year. Filtering software is often thought to hinder free browsing of the Internet, but it is security software that can stop access to fraudulent sites that are difficult to understand at first glance.
Against this background, when using filtering, please be aware that it is a useful service for adults by setting that you can access the categories of the required genre and not access illegal sites. 

5. Few sites are subject to regulation, such as for homework research.

Please understand that it is always dangerous to unprotected access to the Internet by removing filtering because you are worried that it will interfere with your studies.
If your child is restricted while doing homework research, please remove the target site or category. It is not recommended to cancel the filtering itself just because it is troublesome.

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